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If Italy is a beautiful lady, Liguria represents her most fascinating and robust rib. A rugged spit of land that unites France with the beautiful country, made up of sea and mountains. And it is not easy to enter this region without a guide, without having planned your itinerary. The Ligurians are people of heart but notoriously closed. Their soul is strong, molded on the morphology of a wonderful and difficult territory. That is why, if you are on vacation in these parts, choosing an excursion to Liguria with myTour is highly recommended!

Best tours in Liguria


selected mapLiguria 2020: Top 10 Tours & Activities (with Photos) - Things to Do!

Visit Liguria 2020: Top 10 Tours & Activities (with Photos) - Things to Do!

Why visit Liguria?

There are no words or stories that can describe the experience of a holiday in Liguria. Only those who really come here can breathe the smell of the brackish on the cliffs of Portofino, climb among the olive groves of Arma di Taggia, re-educate their gaze to beauty along the paths of the Cinque Terre, smell the scent of lipsticks cooked in a restaurant in Genoa.

What to visit in Liguria

Come with myTour to discover the Ligurian Levant. Do not miss the opportunity to live exciting experiences in direct contact with the locals. If you are interested in discovering the secrets of Ligurian cuisine, we have some really intriguing cooking classes. During the lesson on Ligurian Specialties, you will discover the ancient recipes of cuisine that well mixes elements of the sea and land. In the Pesto Experience, you will enter the magical dimension of the preparation of the most famous sauce in the world. With myTour, the Cinque Terre are close at hand: we have boat cruises, mountain bike tours, and kayaks.

Discover Liguria’s curiosities with our tours!

Focaccia for breakfast? The ancient Ligurian custom for breakfast in the morning requires soaking the dry focaccia of the day before in coffee with milk.

Choose a tour of Liguria with myTour, explore the area with expert guides and enjoy the journey!

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