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Why visit Monterosso?

Hold your breath for a few more turns, you are in the Cinque Terre! A central road on the sides of which colorful boats rest before entering the sea, a maze of alleys that descend towards the sea: we have arrived in Monterosso. Here you can breathe the glorious history of a small village of great importance for the Genoese, who, subtracting it from the Pisans, included Monterosso in the Capitanato di Levanto.

What to visit starting from Monterosso?

Visiting Monterosso is a unique experience, but even more so is making excursions that start from here. Due to its privileged position, in the center of the 5 Terre, Monterosso is the ideal starting point for discovering the other villages. MyTour takes you on an exciting sunset excursion aboard a kayak. Moving among caves, coves, inlets and waterfalls you will appreciate the morphology of the coast, enjoying an aperitif with organic wine and focaccia at the end. After all, kayaking is the ideal way to get around these parts - you can also do the grand tour, touching all the towns, Vernazza, Corniglia, Riomaggiore and Manarola.Discover

Monterosso’s curiosities with our tours!

Did you know that the 5 Terre are also represented in the Mondi in Miniatura theme park in Hamburg, Germany?Choose a tour from Monterosso with myTour in Italy, skip the line and make yourself comfortable - enter the unique atmosphere of these seaside villages!

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