La Spezia is a town of 93,000 inhabitants, the capital of the province with the same name located in the south-eastern part of Liguria. After the first settlements in prehistoric times, the territory was inhabited by the Ligurians and then followed the events of nearby Luni, a Roman outpost. Following the dominion of the Lombards and Carolingians, in 1300 the Genoese, who had gone as far as Lerici, managed to include La Spezia in their area of ​​interest.

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Today La Spezia is an important center between Liguria and Tuscany, whose economy is based on shipbuilding, ironworking, oil refineries, mechanical engineering and tourism. Until a few decades ago, the only visitors to the city were tourists headed to the islands of the Gulf of Poets (Palmaria, Tino), Lerici, Fiascherino and the Cinque Terre. In recent times the city has changed, expanding its offer. If you are in La Spezia, among the things to see there is certainly the waterfront with the Gardens, the Arsenal, the Naval Museum and the Castle of San Giorgio. The historic center is also rich in civil and religious buildings: Palazzo Oldoini, the Liberty buildings in Piazza Garibaldi and, the Church of Santa Maria Assunta and the Civic Theater.

La Spezia cuisine is an interesting joint venture between Ligurian and Lunigiana flavors and recipes. Panigacci, sgabei, testaroli ... and then panissa, chickpea farinata and mescciüa, a soup of legumes and cereals.

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