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Why visit Manarola?

For those who come to visit the Cinque Terre from the south, from La Spezia or Tuscany, Manarola is an almost obligatory stop. This small jewel set among the rocks is capable of giving moments of pure emotion to those who venture there. Whether you are a couple, alone in a group, a trip to these parts will not disappoint you. Even the recipes of Manarola deserve two words: dishes like anchovies and potatoes, lasagna with pesto, stuffed muscles, tell a lot about the locals.

What to visit in Manarola

We decided to accompany you to get to know Manarola starting from one of the elements that make up the landscape: the vine. Starting from the town center, myTour takes you to visit the historic center, to go back to the cemetery, in the most panoramic area and visit Alessandro's vineyards. Passing by the Church of San Lorenzo we will reach the cellars where the White DOC of the Cinque Terre matures and rests, discovering some of its secrets.

Discover Manarola’s curiosities with our tours!

What today is a stream that crosses the city (the Groppo), was once the main road, the so-called via di Mezzo di Manarola.

Choose a tour of Manarola with myTour in Italy, let yourself be infected with curiosity and talk to our guides, they are here for you!

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