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Today Sestri is considered one of the last seaside resorts of the Ligurian Levant. Thanks to the particular conformation of its coasts it is also nicknamed the city of the two bays. In fact, it overlooks the Bay of Silence and the Bay of Fables. The presence of numerous sandy beaches makes Sestri Levante an ideal city for families with children. The Bay of Silence, with its typical colored houses, will make you fall in love as it did in the past with characters of the caliber of Andersen and Wagner. There are many things to see in Sestri Levante: the charm of the Church of San Nicolò, the oldest building, located on the promontory of the island, will amaze you. As well as the Rocca di Sant’Anna, the Church of the Capuchin Friars, Palazzo Fascie with the Archaeological Museum and the Convent of the Annunziata, located on the top of the promontory.

The cuisine in these parts is made up of dishes such as Ciuppin, a delicious fish soup, stuffed sardines, testaroli with pesto, Scabeggio and Bagnun di Acciughe.

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