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Why visit Riomaggiore?

Riomaggiore is one of the most accessible 5 Terre. Unlike other villages, Riomaggiore can be visited without too much effort. All roads lead to the charming marina, kissed by the setting sun. During the day, the town is full of shops and small shops, to taste the most typical flavors of the Ligurian Levant. The rice cake, ricotta and spinach ravioli, pesto and pattona, without forgetting the stuffed muscles and anchovies.

What to visit starting from Riomaggiore

The Cinque Terre are an area with a high wine vocation: cultivating life here is a feat of heroes, but the land amply repays the effort by producing excellent wines. This is why myTour has decided to take you on a unique excursion, among the vineyards of Riomaggiore. We will meet the oenologist Andrea, whose family has lived and worked here for generations, producing excellent white wines, including the Vermentino delle 5 Terre.

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Although it seems strange, the 5 Terre are an area where many hiking and trekking trails pass. Along the hills that overlook the villages, alongside the terraces planted with vines and olive trees, there are many paths that connect Riomaggiore to Portovenere, Campiglia, Spezia and of course with the other Cinque Terre.

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