What to eat in Florence

What to eat in Florence

Feb 2, 2022

What to Eat in Florence

Traditional Florentine food meets two inseparable principles – simplicity and quality. Tuscan cuisine is based on the so-called “cucina povera“, the peasant traditions that arose out of necessity during hard times.

Even nowadays Florentines prefer to stay close to their roots and traditions and take the time to find the best quality meat and produce, even if it means going to a different store for each one. They take pride in knowing where their food comes from and believe in eating seasonally. In fact, one of the specialties below is only available for a few weeks every year!

If you are going to Florence, you can’t leave without trying the main dishes in the area. Check out what you must taste in Florence.


1) Bistecca Alla Fiorentina

Bistecca alla fiorentina

It is one of the renowned dishes of Florence and tourists love eating it. On Florence tour, you will also be able to taste this delicious dish. The best point about this dish is that it cannot be prepared with any other method. There is only one method for making it.

It is a very large dish and you can easily share it with friends. Even the aroma is enough to make your mouth filled with water.

2) Lampredotto

Tuscan Lampredotto

It is one of the common and historical fold dishes which you can find in Florence. Additionally, Florentines appear to be separated when it comes to different street food dishes as some dislike it and some like it.

It is a sandwich that consists of sliced tripe which is boiled in broth. It is seasoned and then served. You can easily order it with herbal green or red sauce.

3) Pappardelle al Cinghiale

Pappardelle al cinghiale

We can say that Pappardelle is flat and wide pasta. Normally, it comes with a heavy sauce like ragu. It has several variations with respect to the meat type in the ragu. Meanwhile, Cinghiale is traditionally wild boar but the sauce can be of a rabbit or goose as well.

This meat is incredibly delicious with a rich texture and flavour.

4) Ribollita

Tuscan Ribollita

Ribollita is a traditional dish made by reboiling leftover minestrone. It is a filling soup made with black cabbage and other seasonal veggies, beans, and stale bread (a good Tuscan chef wastes nothing!) and is usually enjoyed during wintertime.

5) Castagnaccio


Castagnaccio is a traditional Tuscan dessert made with Chestnut flour, raisins, and pine nuts, seasoned with olive oil, a bit of salt, rosemary. The ingredients are mixed with water and baked to make a thin, dense cake.

It is eaten warm or cold, and is perfectly paired with a sweet Tuscan dessert wine!

Something extra!

You can find all of these dishes upon visiting Florence in Italy. Thus, you should not delay your trip to Italy. Find these amazing places and make unforgettable memories as our walking guide assists you through your adventures. Just to mention, if you are great fans of cooking, you can also take some cooking lessons in Florence such as:

1- Cooking Lesson: From the market to the table

2- Pizza & Gelato Making

3- Home made Pasta – Cooking Class

4- Gourmet Cooking Experience

5- Evening Cooking Class with Dinner

6- Private Truffle Experience

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