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Why visit Rome?

The city of Rome is also known as “Rome caput mundi”, the typical expression that the locals use to say “Rome, the capital of the world”. It is a metropolis full of charm, capable of attracting tourists who are passionate about food, sports, street art, monuments of the classical age, the Baroque period, Renaissance art, and religious architecture. Rome, a city full of sun, a cheerful and fun city, to look at and relate to while changing your point of view. Rome synthesis of a region, Lazio. Rome, a city of strong, intriguing and "subversive" flavors - the pinsa, the white Roman pizza, the artichokes, the saltimbocca, the supplì, the coda alla vaccinara, accompanied by a good glass of Castelli Romani wine

What to visit in Rome

With myTour you will have your personal Cicero at your disposal, to discover the secret corners and the most famous views of Rome. To introduce you to the city, we invite you to a tour of the Borghese Gallery Gardens, a park full of charm that allows you to see the center of Rome from the other side of the French Academy. Once the ice is broken, here we are to discover the most hidden itineraries, with the tour of the Basilicas and the Secret Catacombs. Then there are the unmissable tours of Rome at night, the Vatican tours with St. Peter's and the Vatican Museums, as well as the entrance to the Papal Audience, a unique emotion.

What to visit starting from Rome

Rome is located in the center of the Italian peninsula and is a good starting point for day trips and excursions. Just outside Rome it is worth dedicating half a day to discovering the marvelous Roman villas of Tivoli. Or learn to practice SUP or wave surfing on the beaches of Ostia. From Rome, myTour will also take you to Florence, for a comfortable guided tour of the Uffizi and the Accademia Gallery. Or to the south, to discover the largest and most well-preserved archaeological park in the world, the ruins of Pompeii, or the wonderful island of Capri.

Discover Rome’s curiosities with our tours!

With our expert guides you will be accompanied to unique places, where every curiosity of yours will be satisfied. Do you want to know the hidden masterpieces of Roman street art? Did you know that among spontaneous pieces of street art and murals in Rome there are almost 700 frescoed walls?

Choose a tour of Rome or from Rome with myTour in Italy. Enjoy the experience without worries and learn to behave like a real Roman to get in tune with this city!

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