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Welcome to Lazio, land of magnificent fortified villages and castles, rivers, lakes and natural parks. About three thousand years ago, a people of shepherds who inhabited these lands, taking their cue from the Etruscan and Greek neighbors, gave rise to the Latin civilization. Choose a tour of Lazio with myTour starting from the itineraries available in Rome and its surroundings.

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Visit Lazio

Why visit Lazio?

When you arrive in Lazio, you are immediately attracted to the local culture and lifestyle. Starting from that dialect, that open language, which has no qualms. The language, like the soul of the locals, is straightforward and direct. Lazio is a people that has a strong bond with the land and cultivated countryside. After history, art, food and wine and castles, a journey to discover the rural landscape is one of the excellent reasons to visit Lazio.

What to visit in Lazio

With myTour you have the keys to explore Lazio. Let's start from Rome, let's see what you can do in a day with the products that myTour offers. The morning begins with a guided tour of the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter's Basilica with priority entrance. We continue with a visit to the Campo de 'Fiori market, followed by a cooking lesson linked to some typical recipes of Roman taverns. After eating, let's go and burn some calories on the tour of the Gardens and the Villa Borghese Gallery. In the late afternoon we go to taste the white wines and typical products of Lazio in a tavern near the Trevi Fountain. We need to recover energy to face the last tour, the Discovering Rome by Night. But seeing Lazio with myTour also means an excursion to the Roman villas of Tivoli, or a food tour accompanied by a chef in the fairytale setting of the medieval city of Mazzano Romano.

What to visit starting from Lazio

Starting from Lazio, with myTour you can easily reach some Italian tourist destinations of great appeal: the Tuscan Maremma and Florence, the ancient ruins of Pompeii, Capri and its Blue Grotto.

Discover Lazio’s curiosities with our tours!

Located around Rome there are over two thousand fountains and drinking fountains, from the Gianicolo fountain to Piazza Navona.

Choose a tour of Lazio with myTour, our expert guides will be at your disposal!

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