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Tourism in Bari is a recent phenomenon, linked to recent years, and this in itself is a guarantee of the authenticity of these places. Bari is a city that never stands still: the port, the promenade, the fair, the markets, the gardens, the new city built by Gioacchino Murat. Bari is an airy city, which lets itself be discovered slowly, listening to the particular dialect with closed vowels that the people of Bari speak and the scents that come out of the fry shops. There is a lot to see even outside the historic center: the late Liberty Bari and the Bari of rationalist architecture

What to visit in Bari

myTour has created for you a guided tour to see the best of Bari in a few hours. The old village with the ancient walls, the Swabian Castle of Frederick II, the Basilica of San Nicola, the Cathedral, the new city with its French style. At the end of the tour, tasting of typical products. For those who want to optimize their time even more, we also have the bike tour with homemade ice cream tasting, and the exciting Segway tour, which combines history, art, local food and shopping. Finally, for all those whose watchword is relaxation, here is the rickshaw tour and the street food tour, in which you will taste the Bari focaccia, sgagliozze and panzerotti.

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The Church of San Nicola does not only have to do with the myth of Santa Claus. Inside the reliquary of the basilica there is also the spear of San Longino, from whose metal the mythical sword Excalibur, which belonged to King Arthur, was forged.

If you are interested in knowing other curiosities about this wonderful city, book your guided tour now with myTour in Italy!

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