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Is Cooking An Italian Hobby?

Is Cooking An Italian Hobby?

Aug 14, 2022

Italian cuisine is more than just delicious food; it is a long-standing tradition deeply ingrained in the culture of the country.

Cooking methods and recipes are passed down from one generation to the next. Everything needs to be done correctly and with the right ingredients. They are passionate about traditional cuisine made with straightforward ingredients that allow the real flavors to show. Italian cuisine is of such great quality that additional flavors are not necessary to make it taste nice.

It's remarkable how local Italian cuisine and recipes are. Italian food is served very differently in the North and the South. The North might have more polenta and sausages, but the South has more fish and vegetables. Before identifying as Italian, the majority of Italians think of themselves as belonging to a particular region.

Italians follow very strict guidelines on what, when, how, and why they eat certain foods. As a non-Italian, it is very hard to know all of these rules, but it is interesting to reflect on them. For instance, you aren't allowed to put chicken on pizza or spaghetti, and cappuccinos aren't allowed after noon. These "rules" are firmly rooted in tradition, thus breaking one will be viewed as extremely odd.

The connection between Italian food culture and family culture is among its most significant features. In most cases, families will eat together at the table. For example, kids typically come home from school for lunch at home before returning to class. Sometimes, dinners will last longer than two hours.

On Sundays, the nonna or mamma cooks a substantial meal for the entire family.

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