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When we come to Umbria for the first time, we discover the identity of a region where the balance between the natural element and the human element is still preserved. The air is clean, oxygen comes in abundance from the belly of the numerous forests, which spread like wildfire down here. The locals are friendly and straightforward, when you are in Umbria you become one of them. Choose a tour of Umbria with myTour and enjoy the beauty of this region in complete safety.

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selected mapUmbria tours and excursions - Visit Assisi, Perugia, Orvieto

Visit Umbria tours and excursions - Visit Assisi, Perugia, Orvieto

Why visit Umbria?

Umbria is a region full of magnificent villages, waters and paths, hills, and small mountains. On holiday here you will discover that, when it comes to food, the Umbrians are people who not only like to eat but to be at the table. Dishes such as the Torta al testo or the Umbrian crescia, accompanied by artisanal cured meats and cheeses, bring back to a convivial dimension of cooking and eating. When you are on the street or at the bar, listen to the people who speak, the Umbrian language, close to Tuscan, Marches, and other dialects of central Italy is sweet and decisive.

What to visit in Umbria

With myTour in Umbria, you can choose from a vast catalog of excursions and experiences. From the ancient tradition of truffle hunting, with final tasting, to the various cooking classes. By participating in the cooking school you will learn how to make homemade pasta, discover the secrets of butchery and sausages, visit the cellars around Montefalco where the fermented grape juice rests, and matures, giving rise to the precious Sagrantino. But Umbria is also a land of religion and spirituality: with myTour you can discover the places of Saints Francis and Clare.

Discover Umbria’s curiosities with our tours!

The famous Baci Perugina were once called Cazzotti! Of course, the product only became famous after the name change.

Choose a tour of Umbria with myTour, you will have expert guides at your disposal!

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