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What to visit in Orvieto?

Orvieto's Duomo is certainly a marvel of Italian Gothic art, the work of no less than 20 different artists over more than three centuries, yet its harmoniousness is evident.Another destination in the city of Orvieto is St Patrick's well, 62 metres deep, its 72 windows open to the centre making it a unique structure of its kind.Another stop you should definitely visit is the Orvieto Sotterranea.Beneath the city lies a fascinating and intricate labyrinth of cellars and corridors: it is estimated that there are over 1200 man-made cavities.

To end your tour of Orvieto on a high note, relax with a walk through the medieval streets of the town.

What to visit starting from Orvieto?

From Orvieto to Perugia in a flash! If you are curious to visit other wonderful places in Umbria, drop by Perugia, the city for chocolate lovers, only 30 km from Orvieto. myTour will take you to the heart of the city, to visit the House of Perugina's chocolate.

Curiosities about Orvieto

Orvieto has been described as 'the high and strange city'. From below, the Umbrian town appears to be standing on the tuff cliff below. From afar, however, it seems to be suspended in the sky, while during the day it appears to be resting just above the clouds.

Exploring Orvieto with the expert guides of myTour in Italy, you can learn more about the secrets of the city!

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