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Why visit Trevi?

Trevi is part of that exclusive list of 271 towns best known as the most beautiful villages in Italy. On the other hand, in Trevi the charm of hidden Italy is all there, the town of Trevi seems straight out of a postcard. To visit it it is better to move on foot, in order to be always ready for a new discovery. Trevi is in fact located on a hill surrounded by greenery, moving in the center, between the Town Hall, the Civic Tower and the Clitunno Theater, is relaxing and exciting. 

What to visit in Trevi?

myTour takes you on a truly exciting experience in the oak woods around Trevi. Here you will participate in a real treasure hunt: the truffle hunt with final tasting! With the help of expert hunters, guides and especially truffle dogs, we will spend a day in the midst of nature, learning the secrets of the most extraordinary of mushrooms! The Umbrian black truffle is a very valuable variety and in picking it we will have the opportunity to discover a nature trail of great beauty.

What to visit starting from Trevi?

Umbria is a region rich in waters: myTour takes you to live an unforgettable experience to get in touch with the wildest nature. Get on board our rafting boats and enjoy the trip in complete safety. You will be in the safe hands of experienced guides, but you will need to follow the directions of the foremen to the letter to ensure that the journey along rivers and streams flows in the most fun and exciting way!

Discover Trevi’s curiosities with our tours!

Did you know that Trevi has a shape that resembles that of a snail? Perched on the slopes of Mount Serrano, Trevi recalls the snail not only in its shape, but also in the tranquility of its rhythm!

Are you going to organize your holidays in Umbria? Get on board, with myTour in Italy your excursions have an extra gear!

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