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Why visit Matera?

The city of countless cinematographic films, Matera is hard to describe in words. Here, among rocks and ravines, you can get an overview from . Matera is made of alleys, openings, ravines, underground environments, various ups and downs for which, from many points of view, it is essential to obtain the help of a guide. It could save you time and effort as and discover anecdotes and other hidden details of the area. 

What to visit in Matera

With Matera we at myTour have indulged ourselves. We take you on a Walking Tour to discover the Sassi, to enter the stone city. Or, to feel like a bird gliding over these millenary hills, we offer you a balloon tour, a unique experience. Finally, to visit the historic center in comfort, there is the Ape Calessino tour, which takes you into the Sasso Caveoso and Sasso Barisano districts.

What to visit departing from Matera

Matera is located in a strategic position, and this is why we at myTour have chosen it as the starting point for various tours. From here in a short period of time you can reach Puglia and we will take you to the Itria Valley to discover Alberobello, Locorotondo and Ostuni. If, on the other hand, it is the food that interests you, do not miss the tour linked to bread making which has the city of Altamura as its central stop.

Discover Matera’s curiosities with our tours!

Many believe that Matera was built by digging into the tuff, but this is not true. Matera was built with calcarenite, an even softer and more moldable sedimentary stone.

Thanks to the expert guides of myTour in Italy, you can take away all the curiosities about these places!

Choose a tour of Matera or from Matera and enjoy the best of this city!

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