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Basilicata is a region with very ancient origins: it is among the stones of Matera, in these natural caves that primitive man used as a shelter, that the first stable human settlements on the Italian peninsula were born. Today a holiday in Basilicata is a dip in a harsh land, made up of hills, sheer valleys and ravines. The wild charm of a place dominated by the flight of hawks and buzzards. Choose a tour of Basilicata, with myTour you don't waste time and you have the best guides available!

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selected mapBasilicata

Visit Basilicata

Why visit Basilicata?

If you are looking for a holiday away from the frenetic pace of worldliness, if you want to give up some small comforts to enjoy other benefits, the Lucanian land awaits you with open arms. The Lucanians are friendly and cordial people, if there is an extra seat at their table they invite you to sit without hesitation. You will taste the bread, the olives, the crusco pepper, the sausage and the cheeses that are produced here.

What to visit in Basilicata

Starting from the guided tour in the Sassi of Matera, passing through the tour of the historic center or that of the Rocky Churches, up to the Excursion in the Park of the Rupestrian Churches - with myTour you have Matera in the palm of your hand. You can see it in the Ape Calessino or in a hot air balloon, stop at a bakery and participate in a cooking class on the baking of the famous Matera bread.

What to visit starting from Basilicata

Matera is also an excellent starting point for day trips to Puglia. myTour takes you to Alberobello, Ostuni and Altamura.

Discover Basilicata’s curiosities with our tours!

Just as Brazil has Christ the Redeemer who dominates the city of Rio de Janeiro from above, Basilicata also has its protector, the Christ of Maratea, 21 meters high.

Choose a tour of Basilicata with myTour and don't waste even a minute of the time dedicated to your holidays!

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