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Why visit Campobasso?

Campobasso is characterised by its duality between a charming historic village and a modern centre. The old core, with narrow streets and stairways, conveys an atmosphere of history and tranquillity, accentuated by the imposing presence of the castle. In the modern centre, criss-crossed by main streets, there is a vibrant city life with bars, shops and green spaces. The city embraces contemporary challenges while keeping tradition alive in the historic centre, highlighting a strong community that looks to the future without forgetting its roots.

What to see in Campobasso?

The Museum of Mysteries in Campobasso, exhibits structures and costumes from the famous Corpus Christi with Paolo Saverio di Zinno's 'Ingegni'. Torre Terzano, from the 16th century, symbolises the rivalry between the Crusaders and the Trinitarians, linked to the tragic love story of Delicata Civerra and Fonzio Mastrangelo. In the old town, the tower remains a symbol of the passion and tragedy of this affair. The Monforte Castle, built in 1100 by Hugh II of Molise, dominates Campobasso. The massive structure, with its rectangular tower, houses the meteorological station 808 metres above sea level. The terrace offers a panoramic view of Campobasso, the valleys of the Biferno, Trigno and Fortore rivers, the mountains of Abruzzo and the hills of Apulia.

Curiosities about Campobasso

Campobasso holds a Romeo and Juliet-like love story with Delicata Civerra of the Crusaders and Alfonso Mastrangelo of the Trinitarians. Divided by their rival families, the two lovers could not marry, and their story, although less famous than Shakespeare's, is known locally. In addition, Campobasso is home to surprising works of Street Art, thanks to artist Blu who created 'The Rainbow in the Rock' and his provocative work, 'The Soldier', decorates a wall of an unfinished structure, conveying an anti-war message. This unusual choice puts Campobasso on the Street Art map, demonstrating that urban art can flourish even in less conventional contexts.

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