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Molise offers a unique fusion of nature and culture, with mountains, hills and valleys telling ancient stories. Villages strewn with indelible signs left by the Samnite and Roman peoples lend an atmosphere steeped in history. This land proudly preserves the heritage of bygone eras, which is manifested in the picturesque villages of Molise, such as Sepino, with its archaeological area resembling a small Pompeii. The Adriatic Sea bathes fascinating centres such as Termoli and proudly preserves its ancient traditions.

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selected map Molise tours - find your experiences in the Molise - things to do in Molise

Visit Molise tours - find your experiences in the Molise - things to do in Molise

Why visit Molise?

Molise welcomes the conscious traveller, eager for authentic experiences. The region offers an escape from daily routine, immersing oneself in unspoilt nature where silence reigns supreme. The region allows a reconnection to the roots, exploring the traces of ancient peoples and experiencing the fascinating and unusual traditions of Molise.

What to visit in Molise?

Among the most evocative experiences you can have in Molise are the sheep-tracks, ancient routes used for transhumance, some dating back to pre-Roman times, that cross the region linking the summer pastures of the Abruzzo Apennines with the winter pastures of the Tavoliere delle Puglie. In addition to the 35 km of Costa Verde on the Adriatic Sea, characterised by enchanting beaches and close to ancient villages, including Termoli with its impressive Swabian Castle and equipped beaches. 

Unique experiences are offered by the ancient villages such as Frosolone, Ferrazzano and Oratino and Agnone, known for their artistic and craft traditions. In addition to classic walking tours, it is also possible to do activities such as trekking on the Molise side of the Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise National Park, in the Volturno Valley and visit the lake of Castel San Vincenzo.

Curiosities about Molise

Trivento, a municipality in the province of Campobasso with less than 5,000 inhabitants, is famous as the 'crochet capital of the world'. Its notoriety blossomed in the summer of 2018, when the town's artistic endeavour culminated in the creation of the world's longest crochet carpet and quickly attracted the interest of artists and collaborators from all over Europe. In the following year, Trivento was the stage for the Yarn Bombing Day event, which involved over 130 artists from all corners of the world. The village is now a widespread exhibition of works of art created with crochet, confirming its reputation as an international destination for lovers of this art form.

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