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Why should you visit Pompeii?

If you're looking for a fascinating day trip while in Naples, Pompeii is definitely worth your time. This ancient Roman city was buried under ash and pumice from the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD, and has been excavated and restored since the 18th century. Today, it's one of Italy's most popular tourist destinations, with something to see around every corner. Here are some highlights of what to see–and in Pompeii.

What should you visit in Pompeii?

The museum is a great way to get an introduction into the culture and history of this ancient city. Not only will you find helpful interpretive displays, but many artefacts found during excavations are on display that could not otherwise withstand exposure long-term due to their fragility or situation outside permanent institutions like museums

A visit here would be worth it, even if your travel time doesn't allow more than just one day in ruins!

The Forum is a place where people come to discuss important issues. Here you'll find the Temple of Jupiter, and near it stands an ancient basilica that was used as both market and law court for centuries before being converted into one home called Triptolemus.

What should you visit nearby Pompeii?

The site of Herculaneum offers an insightful look into the Roman world, wealthier and smaller than Pompeii.

Herculaneum is an incredible dig site, with architecture and artworks that are deeply layered in history. The ruins there have revealed frescoes to sculptures--allowing us a window into another time when people lived life luxuries they could never imagine today. A fascinating look at ancient Roman culture through its artwork

Curiosities about Pompeii

The bodies of those who were burned to death in Pompeii were found with holes into their remains after being disintegrated by volcanic ash. Plaster casts became an idea that allowed architects, engineers, and builders alike a way around trying to get close up views at what was underneath all of it 

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