Afternoon Between Castellina in Chianti and Monteriggioni

Afternoon Between Castellina in Chianti and Monteriggioni

Jun 14, 2022

A short review from a tourist who toured with us

So, after reading a lot about Tuscany, I took the opportunity to tour with myTour on a sightseeing and wine tasting tour through Chianti; the day seemed perfect - the sun was shining and the sky was blue. It was the first week of Autumn when I took the tour but the weather was much more like a lovely mid-spring afternoon.

We departed from Florence at 2:45 pm, just when it was scheduled, and Ivan (the nicest tour guide ever) mentioned a lot of interesting things about Florence. The walls, ancient gates, districts, and monumental cemeteries. We arrived at the farm which was located in the heart of a cypress forest between Colle di Val D’elsa e Castellina in the unbelievable countryside of Chianti. 

The minute we got there, it was clear that we were far from the noise and the crowds, such a great feeling! We found ourselves surrounded by hectares of meadows, vineyards, olive trees, and woods; We went to the cellars and it was impressive! Our guide told us all about wine and explained in detail the making process. Then, we walked to the wine-tasting gazebo, where they served us some homemade crostini toscani, cold cuts, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, truffle oil, honey, and a glass of Chianti Classico - nothing tasted better in my entire life! 

There was a lot to see even for animal lovers. The area had boars, pigs, buzzing geese, ducks, chickens, guinea fowls, roosters and cats.

We greeted our guide and driver and headed to Monteriggioni before sunset; Monteriggioni is a medieval enchanting, walled village suspended in time, full of wonderful views, narrow streets and a wonderful atmosphere. We parked and started walking up to the 13th-century elliptical walls, and not long from there we reached the hillock where the village stands. We went through one of the main gates and it took us to the main square (Piazza Roma), an amazing square that seemed golden touched by the pre-sunset glows. We walked around the village, took a couple of great pictures and then stopped at a wine & craft shop that we spotted in front of the Romanesque Church of Santa Maria Assunta and the famous Well. 

We had some traditional delicious Tuscan sweets and vin santo before we got back to Florence.

I had a wonderful time and I was so sad that the day ended and we had to return to Florence; It happens the same to me every time I have a myTour full-day tour anywhere in Italy. I do think once in a while that I must pack all my things and move there for a while. Life seems great, at pace and my stomach would love it here!

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