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This city is a beautiful hilltop town, it almost looks surreal and the hill will astound you on what you’re seeing. 

A very important fact is that Urbino is a student town. The 16th century University of Urbino is quite a popular study place in Italy. If you are wondering what to visit while in town, another landmark of the city is the 14th century Oratory of Saint John the Baptist. This chapel depicts Saint John’s life in late Gothic style. The frescoes were grandly depicted by brothers Lorenzo and Jacopo Salimbeni and what is commendable that even 600 years later they seem so alive

Urbino is the hometown of the famous Italian artist and architect Raphael. His home in Urbino is now a museum and houses important works of art. Urbino is also widely known because of the National Gallery of Le Marche in Palazzo Ducale or simply the Ducal Palace. The historic center of the city has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1998, and also the Ducal Palace that includes the most famous Renaissance paintings in the world! 

mytour in Italy invites you to explore the city with a guided tour in Urbino, you will be able to explore the best attractions in the city or around the city in a pleasant way. 

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