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Why visit Siena?

Siena is a city that leaves no one indifferent. Built on three hills, it preserves a unique urban structure and a community of inhabitants linked to rituals, games and traditions. The life of the Sienese contradaioli makes this city come alive at all times of the year, especially on July 2 and August 16, when 10 of the 17 contradas are summoned to compete in the Palio di Siena. . Siena is a city to visit calmly, falling in love with every corner. The polychrome marbles, the coats of arms of the contrada, the old artisan workshops, the typical sweet shops of Siena and the unique panorama that can be enjoyed in some parts of the city. These are all great reasons to visit Siena. You might stop at a party stop to savor pici with wild boar sauce, pappardelle, and game dishes, perhaps accompanied by a nice glass of Chianti Colli Senesi.

What to visit in Siena

Siena is a city that can be discovered at the pace of a walk by all those tourists armed with curiosity and patience. At myTour we started our activity here almost twenty years ago. Our guides know every detail of this city and will be delighted to take you to discover the main monuments of Siena: the Piazza del Campo with the Torre del Mangia, the rooms of the Civic Museum inside the Palazzo Pubblico and the magnificent Siena. complex of the Cathedral of Siena. Visit the secret places of Siena with a walking tour in the company of our guides: they will take you to discover the contrada and follow in the footsteps of Saint Catherine. 

What to visit starting from Siena

Siena is close in the heart of the most beautiful Tuscany. The Chianti, the Crete Senesi, the Valdorcia, places of singular beauty that are easily reached from the capital. Numerous excursions for all tastes depart from Siena: from the tour of Chianti Classico with its castles, to an excursion on electric bicycles along the characteristic white roads, through horseback riding through the oak forests or The Tuscany Wine Tour, an exclusive tour of Pienza and Montepulciano that includes a visit with tasting to three different selected wineries in the area.

A curiosity about Siena that you can discover on our tours

Our guides are ready to answer all your questions, and they know the secrets and legends on which Siena is built. A small town known throughout the world for the friendliness and strong spirit of its inhabitants. 

Choose a tour to Siena or from Siena with myTour in Italy, skip the Queue up, discover the secrets and let yourself be carried away by the beauty of the typical Tuscan landscape.

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