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Visit Polignano a Mare

Why visit Polignano a Mare ?

Polignano a Mare is a town waiting to be discovered. Starting from its many winding streets that branch out across its picturesque and unique historic center, you can't help but come across the statue that the city has dedicated to its singer, Domenico Modugno.

What to visit in Polignano a Mare

With myTour Italy, you can discover this jewel in a unique way. For example, on board of an Ape Calessino, with which we will take you on a tour of the caves, cliffs, and beaches, which are the symbols of this city.

What to visit starting from Polignano a Mare

Polignano a Mare is located at a strategic point. With one of our tours, you can explore the caves and beaches of the city by SUP, discovering hidden corners of paradise and taking a dip in the beautiful blue waters. Once you've visited the city with our guides, you can move on to the other jewel of Puglia, not far from Polignano a Mare: Alberobello, with its Trulli, the symbol of the region. A real must-see destination, once in your life!

Curiosities of Polignano a Mare

Domenico Modugno's monument, inaugurated in 2009, stands at a central point on the seafront and opens its arms towards the town as if it were about to “fly”, just as he sings in his famous song “volare”. Thanks to the expert guides of myTour in Italy, you will be able to satisfy your curiosity about these places!

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