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Why visit Genoa?

Genoa is one of Europe's major cultural and historical centers, characterized by everything that the imprint of human civilization has to offer: from the intricate streets to the elaborate piazzas and Romanesque-style churches that give the city-metropolis that evocative touch. 

The center of Genoa is almost entirely pedestrianized, so if you decide to take a walking tour of this wonderful historic center, rest assured that you will be enchanted.

What to visit in Genoa?

If you find yourself in Genoa, you can't miss a stroll through its ancient port. Enjoy the views of the promenade and the dynamic and lively atmosphere of the city.

Genoa is also famous for hosting one of the largest aquariums in Italy, but not only, also in Europe. This is because it boasts a remarkable number of marine species, preserved in the aquarium's huge pavilions.

Book a walking tour or a visit to a museum in this magnificent port city.

Interesting facts about Genoa

Jeans, a material that today is used to make garments of all kinds, originated in Genoa, more precisely in the then Republic of Genoa. In fact, to recall its Genoese roots, it had adopted the initial name of "jean" or "jeanes". Undoubtedly, the use of the fabric in modern and contemporary times is due to its great resistance, which, in the work environment above all, made it the ideal material for the manufacture of work uniforms.

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