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Why should you visit Jesi?

The town holds so much within! It is not just a chest of historical treasure, it also offers amazing evenings before dinner to walk along Corso Matteotti when you'll see the passeggiata, with most of the townspeople out in droves. The cafes and restaurants are crowded with people enjoying the atmosphere of their city, so why not take a table on the piazza and sip a glass of Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi and watch the people parade!

What to visit first in Jesi?

Jesi is full of historic structures, like cathedrals and eateries. Some of the structures date back to the 14th century. There are some spots you shouldn’t miss when visiting the city such as: Palazzo della Signoria, previously the kings' palace, Palazzo Balleani, the "diamond studded" Palazzo Ricci, and Palazzo Ripanti, which houses the remarkable Diocesan Museum collection, are just a few of the attractions. 

The civic art gallery, which houses numerous works by Venetian artist Lorenzo Lotto, who worked extensively in Le Marche, is located in Palazzo Pianetti, which is soaked in colorful décor. 

The city walls are still standing, with buttresses and towers enclosing the ridge-top city.

Discover all the secrets of Jesi with our tours.

While being here, try to get the best out of the city and explore the city with a local guide and choose a local way of having fun. 

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