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Why visit Syracuse

Syracuse is the city where ancient history and Baroque elegance blend in an incredible symphony of culture and charm. For history and classical enthusiasts, Syracuse is the ideal destination. The region boasts a surprising archaeological heritage: from the Archaeological Park Neapolis, a historical sanctuary revealing the secrets of ancient Greek civilization, to Castello Maniace, perched on the promontory of Ortigia, dominating the sea with its imposing presence. Discover the beauty of Syracuse with us at myTour in Italy.

What to see in Syracuse

In Syracuse, you can experience its history by exploring the magnificent Archaeological Park Neapolis with its Greek Theater and the Ear of Dionysius. Admire the Cathedral of Syracuse, a crossroads of styles and eras, and lose yourself in the charming streets of Ortigia, dominated by the suggestive Castello Maniace overlooking the sea. Discover a city that masterfully blends historical charm with contemporary vitality.

Curiosity about Syracuse

The cave known as the "Ear of Dionysius," located in the Archaeological Park Neapolis, owes its name to its conformation resembling a human ear. According to legend, the tyrant Dionysius I of Syracuse used it as a prison, taking advantage of the extraordinary acoustics of the cave, which even allowed whispers of prisoners to be heard.

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