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Why should you visit San Marino?

Visiting San Marino is the perfect opportunity to get to know and discover a unique territory both in its traditions and in its beauty, immersed in a naturalistic setting worthy of recognition. 

What should you visit in San Marino?

As soon as you enter the city you will be greeted by the small San Francesco Door, once a guard post, now is the entrance to the historic centre. A must-see is the Piazza della Libertà and Palazzo Pubblico, portrayed on every postcard of San Marino: here resides the government of the country. In Piazza della Libertà there is a statue of the same name, not the one in New York, but equally charming, elegant and harmonious!

What should you visit nearby San Marino?

San marino is only forty minutes away from Rimini, take the opportunity to visit the famous stop on the Romagna Riviera! With its sea and its nightlife, you will love it!

Curiosities about San Marino?

San Marino owes its name to its founder, Marino, who became a saint after his death. Before his death he left his community with these words: “I leave you free of both men” referring to the Pope and the Emperor. Since then the city has maintained its dependence for all these years.

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