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Why visit Parma?

Parma is mainly visited for its exhibitions, prose shows, concerts. You can promenade inside plenty of squares, parks, and wide streets, and lose yourself in a historic center for pedestrians only with its stunning Renaissance and Baroque architecture.

Parma is a spiritual center in agriculture and tourism. It fascinates us with its typical food! By visiting Parma you will discover the magic of food: getting to know the production chains of some of the most famous Italian food quality, such as Parmigiano Reggiano and Prosciutto di Parma.

What to visit in Parma

Some of the most interesting things to visit in Parma are parks, rivers, and markets. You are given the opportunity to walk along and have fun! You will learn a lot about the historic center of Parma by taking the pedestrian way along with the Church of Steccata and the Monastery of Saint Giovani. Not to forget to mention Palazzo Della Pillotta in which we count the masterpieces of Leonardo, Tiepolo, Tintoretto.

After all this culture, the itinerary takes you where raw ham and the famous Parmesan are produced. If you are looking forward to having a wonderful time, you are about to choose the right place. Are you interested in visiting Parma? Enjoy our vacation package by getting to know more about the Food Supply Chain!

What would you want to visit from Parma?

We can easily describe Parma as a nice place to depart your vacation, It is a particularly diverse territory. We start the journey with Giuseppe Verdi's Lands, which traces Roncole and Busseto, to be continued in Maranello with the Lamborghini and the Ferrari Museum, why not include the tasting of Balsamic Vinegar at Modena company. Let's not forget to mention that the areas where Culatello, Lambrusco, and other products of the typical Emilian basket are easily reachable from Parma.

Discover Parma’s curiosities with our vacation packages

On the summer solstice night in Parma, is a tradition to celebrate St. John the Evangelist with “tortellate”, and wake up the next morning to collect the dewdrops. The ancient beliefs consider these dewdrops very beneficial and miraculous.

We are available for any questions, all your curiosities! Our expert guides are available to answer and tell you secrets and anecdotes of Parma city.

Choose our vacation package of Parma in Italy, enjoy and let yourself be amazed at the atmosphere of this unique city!

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