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What should you visit in Palermo?

Palermo is full of treasures, starting with its Cathedral, a perfect compendium of the city's thousand-year history. Another characteristic stop is the district markets, the most famous of which is the Vuccirìa (in dialect it means "voices" and "confusion"), easy to find as the name suggests, just listen to the continuous noise of the merchants. Also known as Piazza Vigliena or the Octagon of the Sun, the Piazza dei Quattro Canti is a Baroque square with an octagonal shape, at the time of its construction the square was one of the first great examples of town planning in Europe. 

What should you visit nearby Palermo?

Sicily is a region full of fascinating cities. You can take advantage of the Palermo tour to visit Marsala as well. A city famous for the landing of Garibaldi's thousand and for its wine, it is a mix of natural uniqueness and history.

Curiosities about Palermo

You will sometimes see tennis shoes tied to the power lines, a tradition that originated in the United States and is used in this city to mark out unsavoury areas. Others see the action as a ritual linked to the achievement of objectives.

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