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Why visit L'Aquila?

Whether you are looking for medieval and historic villages to visit, or you want to explore natural parks characteristic of the area, L'Aquila has a proposal for every kind of activity you want to do!

In addition, L'Aquila is also the annual site of the jubilee, known as the "Perdonanza Celestiana." The object of the occasion is plenary indulgence and for this reason it is considered for all intangible cultural heritage of humanity by UNESCO.

What to visit in L'Aquila?

Although it has a remarkable cultural and historical heritage, L'Aquila is also known because it includes one of the largest natural areas in all of Italy: the Gran Sasso National Park. The Gran Sasso National Park contains an astonishing variety of animal and plant species to form a set of ecosystems and landscapes that are among the most distinctive and striking in the area.

Curiosities about L'Aquila

Despite the earthquake that struck the city in 2009, destroying most of the buildings and disrupting the lives of its inhabitants, L'Aquila has managed to recover gradually, thanks to the solidarity and financial support not only received from other regions, but also from other countries around the world. By 2019, the city's reconstruction work had been completed for a good percentage of the territory, thanks to the enlargement of neighborhoods and the construction of new housing.

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