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Why visit Turin?

Turin does not like to scream. Thus, for those unfamiliar with it, the Piedmontese capital may appear to be a silent, low-profile city. Visiting Turin, on the other hand, reveals all the elegance of a refined and stylish city, with a strong erotic feeling. A city where the work ethic goes hand in hand with the taste for good living. Turin can be seen like this, with open nostrils, letting itself be inebriated by the scents of cafes, chocolateries and ice cream parlors. Savoring a vermouth with ice or a glass of nebbiolo. Turin can be visited on foot, with eyes turned upwards, with the Mole Antonelliana as a reference.

What to visit in Turin

Turin is a city that has a lot to offer. To get your bearings, we recommend the private walking tour organized by myTour. It starts from the Porta Palazzo market, to go to the Quadrilatero Romano, the Mole and Piazza Castello. For those looking for more in-depth guided tours, we have the complete tour of the Royal Palace of Turin and the Venaria Reale. Those interested in museums will not miss the skip-the-line tickets for the Egyptian Museum and the Royal Palace. Lovers of the food and wine are spoiled for choice, including tajarini, agnolotti, brasato and bagna cauda. There is the vermouth tour, a true multisensory experience, the guided tour with tasting at Eataly and the most popular, the Turin Secret Food Tour, which takes you to discover the old bars, shops and markets of the historic center.

What to visit starting from Turin

Piedmont is a region to be discovered. The city of Turin is a good starting point for those who want to discover the wine regions of the Langhe and Monferrato. myTour takes you to explore the Lands of Barolo and White Truffle, with a guided tour of Alba. Or you can choose the private tour of the Langhe hills, which includes a gourmet dinner with tasting of the best Piedmontese wine.

Discover Turin’s curiosities with our tours!

With our expert guides, you will discover the whole Turin. Did you know that there are secret tunnels in Turin called The Alchemical Caves? Under Piazza Castello, between Palazzo Reale and Palazzo Madama, these caves were used by alchemists during the Middle Ages.

Choose a tour of Turin or from Turin with myTour in Italy, skip the line without wasting time and enjoy the show - Turin awaits you with its delicacies and mysteries!

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