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Why visit Cagliari?

Visiting Cagliari is always pleasant. Go and greet the flamingos at sunset in the Salt or Porcus pond, five minutes from the center. Walk in the footsteps of the Phoenicians, Carthaginians and Romans in a city steeped in the scent of the sea. Built on seven hills, Cagliari asks the visitor a little effort in tackling its ups and downs, but the effort is rewarded with breathtaking views and delicacies such as pane carasau, pan frattau, buredde and culingionis

What to visit in Cagliari?

myTour takes you to discover Cagliari starting from the old city, with a walking tour in the historic Castello district, which includes a visit to the Archaeological Museum and the mysterious Giants of Mont'e Prama, nuragic sculptures over two meters high. While visiting the Casteddhu you will discover towers, bastions, fortifications, aristocratic palaces, but also the Cathedral of Santa Maria with the crypt of the Saints and Martyrs.

What to visit starting from Cagliari

Cagliari is the ideal starting point for visiting southern Sardinia. Among the tours that myTour has prepared for you there is a guided tour of the basalt plateau of the Giara di Gesturi - with wild horses, and the archaeological park of Barumini, the largest in the island, with the village that extends around it. in Su Nuraxu, the 18 meters high nuraghe with 5 towers. For wine lovers there is a guided tour of the Argiolas Cellars in Serdiana, for those looking for something different, we recommend visiting the town of San Sperate, where every year, the Cuncambias festival takes place.

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In Cagliari there is a bit of Tuscany, and Pisa! It was in fact the Pisans of 1200 who built the most beautiful district of the city - the Castle.

Exploring Sardinia with the expert guides of myTour in Italy, will make you enjoy this region in its fullest and remove all the curiosities about area!

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