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Here we are in Sardinia, where the sea water has nothing to envy to what you can find in the Caribbean or the Maldives. A land where the past is expressed in the form of thousands of nuraghi, which draw a landscape in which the dominant element is still the natural one. Choose a tour of Sardinia with myTour and relax, you are in good hands.

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Why visit Sardinia?

The Sardinians are a tough people, a people who have undergone several dominations throughout history, yet keep intact that never tamed spirit, that strong cultural imprint developed over thousands of years of history. Sardinia is beautiful to discover by car, on foot, by bicycle. Stop at an inn to have a plate of carasau bread served with egg, pecorino cheese and salami, accompanied by a good glass of red wine. The poetry of a cove when the light rises at dawn, the flight of a group of flamingos towards the lagoon just outside the city of Cagliari.

What to visit in Sardinia

Now that you are in Sardinia, with myTour you can dedicate yourself to trips and guided tours to discover the area with an extra gear. In Cagliari we take you to discover the secrets of the Castle, the neighborhood in the historic center and the Giants of Mont'e Prama. If you are interested in archeology, we take you to visit the site of Nora and Barumini. For wine lovers instead we have the Serdiana tour, which includes the visit to the cellars and the tasting.

Discover Sardinia’s curiosities with our tours!

Did you know that? The etymology of Sardinia derives from the Greek Sandalsotis, sandalwood, due to the shape of the island.

Choose a tour of Sardinia with myTour in Italy, we will accompany you to discover the island!

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