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Why visit Alberobello?

If you want to know Puglia, Alberobello is a fundamental step. The magic of the trulli is all there, in their simplicity. Houses and buildings in limestone or karst, raised dry, without the use of mortar. The trulli are a great example of human ingenuity and industriousness, which in Alberobello is also expressed in the good Bari-style cuisine, with dishes such as fried mussels, broad beans and chicory, orecchiette with turnip tops.

What to visit in Alberobello?

Our guided tour of Alberobello is designed to offer you the maximum with the minimum effort. Within two hours you will be able to see the main places of interest, moving in complete safety, with the entrance tickets already in hand. With the expert guides of myTour we will enter the oldest trulli, those dating back to 1300, in the monumental Rione Monti and in the Aja Piccola, which contain over a thousand. We will also have the opportunity to linger in the large Trullo Sovrano, with its dome that rises almost 15 meters high.

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Did you know that Alberobello is famous for its artisan shops which build terracotta whistles? These are not games for children, but whistles that in the past (and still today) were used in magical and propitiatory rituals.

Come to Alberobello and let yourself be enchanted by the stories of this city: with myTour in Italy expert guides you can learn many secrets!

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