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Why should you visit Lipari?

Lipari town is a great place for the ones seeking pretty streets and lanes perfect for wandering around. The town is made of elegant historic town-houses as well as plenty of more humble island-dwellings, with balconies bedecked with flowers, washing, onions and peppers. The bougainvilleas add so much to the view of the city and make great picture-perfect corners.

What to visit first in Lipari?

There is a lot to do and see in Lipari, and you won’t regret a thing! You will find yourself surrounded by typical and beautiful white houses with flat roofs, Baroque buildings and of course churches. On top of the list of what to visit in Lipari are: Regional Archeological Museum Eoliano, The Old Church of Quattropani, EX Cave Pomice, The Cathedral of San Bartolomeo, and the White Beach.

Discover all the secrets of Lipari with our tours.

Lipari has a lot to tell! Did you know that the city is also called “the queen of the white bays”, because of the stunning white bays that are a must-see!

While being here, try to get the best out of the city and explore the city with a local guide and choose a Lipari-way of having fun.

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