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Why visit Capri?

Everyone could answer this question in their own way. The fact is that everyone that visited Capri, left a piece of heart there. Because that's how Capri is, it expresses the rugged beauty of the steep coasts overlooking the sea, but it also knows how to comfort the visitor with the sweetness of its inhabited area and the scents of its marinas. Visiting Capri therefore means opening your senses, breathing in the scent of the beaches, dwelling on the flora and fauna. Then, at the end of the day, stop at a restaurant to taste the spaghetti alla cummenzana, the stuffed squid, and the caprese cake.

What to visit in Capri

You have not been to Capri unless you have boarded a boat to see the island from afar or perhaps circumnavigate it. This is why myTour has organized boat trips for you: we start from Capri Coast to Coast, an exciting tour in which you will be given a map of the island and you will be alongside the captain who will introduce you to the sites to visit. Magical places such as the Blue Grotto, the White Grotto and the Green Grotto, where the union of water, rocks and light creates incredible chromatic effects. If, on the other hand, you want something more, you cannot miss the Capri Boat Experience tour. It is a real experience on a boat: we will visit the caves, the Natural Arch, the Villa of Curzio Malaparte, the Punta Carena lighthouse and the Faraglioni, allowing ourselves several stops along the way. We will swim, snorkel, taste local products and enjoy a drink.

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Did you know that in Capri there is also the Black Grotto or Grotta Oscura? The chronicles say that in 1808 a ridge of rock collapsed and since then it cannot be visited anymore. Today, many attempts have been made to go back to the entrance to the Dark Cave, without ever succeeding.

Are you going to organize your holidays in Capri? Get on board our boats, with myTour in Italy your trips can become an unforgettable experience!

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