What to do in Venice in 3 days

What to do in Venice in 3 days

Oct 7, 2020

What to see in Venice in 3 days? If you are asking yourself this question, myTour in Italy is ready to guide you on the discovery of the wonderful Venice with breathtaking views. All in three unforgettable days.

Day 1: Venice welcomes you


Entering the Venetian atmosphere means immersing yourself in a history full of events, strolling along the same streets that have fascinated and inspired travelers and artists for hundreds of years.

Walking through the alleys of the Rialto district will give you the thrill of stepping on the oldest stones in Venice. Its origin dates back to the early Middle Ages at the time of the invasions of the Huns and Lombards. Once an international trading center, today the core is identified around the city market. The shopping area, its fruit and vegetable market, and the fish market offer unique views for photography enthusiasts looking for contrasts between the architecture and the colors of the vending stalls.

Going to Piazza San Marco can leave you breathless. A true monument of Italy, the square retains its historical integrity intact. 170 meters long, the square is dominated by the famous bell tower opening onto the lagoon. Moving on to the search for the most extravagant shots to capture the spirit of the Rialto bridge and the bridge of Sighs, we come to the Scala del Bovolo. The unusual stage of the first day leads to the most particular spiral staircase in Venice. The Contarini del Bovolo staircase stands out with its late Gothic style and gives a different perspective of the city.

Day 2: discovering the romantic Venice

Venice gondola ride

Observe the city letting yourself be lulled by the silent flow of water. The gondola experience can be the most romantic way to discover Venice from a privileged point of view. Water, which has always been the soul and the common thread, can give rise to shots that look after the essence of the life and architecture of the city.

A gondola tour means discovering the most hidden canals and the most secluded bridges with their romantic stories and then experiencing the thrill of the Grand Canal. Appreciating the beauty of the Desdemona House and the strength of the Mozart House is unparalleled. Passing through the Teatro La Fenice along the “De le Ostreghe” Canal means observing and being able to capture the flow of Venetian life.

After crossing the Accademia bridge, the southernmost of the four that cross the Grand Canal, you can touch the lively cultural ferment of the city. The Academy of Fine Arts with the Gallerie dell’Accademia returns an architectural contrast. The construction style is an excellent starting point for capturing the excitement of the moment in one click.

With its centenary majesty, Santa Maria della Salute offers a sample of the Venetian Baroque. The basilica represents the love and gratitude of the Venetians towards the Madonna for the liberation from the plague of 1630.

Day 3: Venice and art

Murano artistic view

A jump to the period of the Republic of Venice. This means visiting the Ghetto. Even today, the center is the hub of the Jewish community of Venice. The visit to the synagogue and opening up to the cultural roots of this important district reveal the charm of this third day dedicated to the pleasure of discovery. The oldest Jewish ghetto in Europe, the Venetian one is an island surrounded by canals which can be accessed via just two bridges.

The ancient history of the area would have given the origin to the term “ghetto” itself, proof of this can be found walking along its streets. Rich in evidence of the segregation that afflicted its inhabitants, the neighborhood is preparing for a real photographic excursion among the suggestive and meaningful corners.

Moving to the Biennale is a must to celebrate the charm of discovery. A symbol of culture in music, cinema, theater, dance and architecture, visiting this corner of Venice brings the cultural ferment of Venice to life. A visit to the Castello district, the queue to the east of the city, with the Venice arsenal, the Church of San Zaccaria and a last look at the lagoon are the best way to say goodbye to this magical city.

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