What to do in Tuscany in November

What to do in Tuscany in November

Nov 15, 2020

Tuscany is an astonishing place to visit not only in Spring and Summer but also in Autumn. You may be surprised by how fascinating your trip to Tuscany during November can be. This article will help you to get a general idea of what to do in Tuscany in November.

The excitement of Autumn

November is the month of colors in Tuscany, you will see the green countryside, the hills turning gold, and the colorful harvest. something else that grabs the attention of people is the smells; the smell of the wet countryside, the mists, and dew! You can notice smoke coming out of houses and just imagine how good it would be to spend a night in the countryside of Tuscany, enjoying the warmth of the fireplace, smelling the roasted chestnuts! this is what November feels like in Tuscany.

There are days in November when you will see the sun dazzling and there are days when you can experience some rain. In both cases, this region offers a lot of activities for you to enjoy. If the sun is out and about, you can enjoy the countryside, walk around the main attractions of the region and enjoy it. If you happen to be on vacation during rainy days, you will enjoy visiting the museums, the local food and the excellent wine. Read more about what to do during rainy days on your vacation.

Our Favorite Things to Do in November

Discover the museums

Tuscany is home to many museums and masterpieces by world-famous artists, from Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo to Botticelli, Donatello and Giotto. Depending on your interests in history, art or sculpture – Tuscany has it all, spanning across time, styles and periods. Below, a list of the top museums in Tuscany that you should not miss! Among the many museums found in the region, here are the most preferred that you should definitely consider visiting:

Wine tasting

While the new wine is in the barrels, you can explore the old ones, the excellent wine that Tuscany produces. From ancient cellars to historic villas in the Chianti region and family-owned wineries, you will find yourself among plenty of choices for wine experiences in the region.

If you don’t want to drive around and organize a whole wine tasting experience by yourself, you can comfortably join one of the many tours, leaving from Florence or Siena. You can get the Brunello Wine Tasting Experience, Dinner in the Chianti Vineyards or Siena Food tour from Siena. Or choose among wine tasting tours from Florence.


November is when local truffle and chestnuts are celebrated, and the new olive oil arrives on the table. It’s a month that’s chock-full of tasty events all around the region. The first good oranges of the season arrive on our tables. Persimmons are ready and it is almost a pity to pick them from their leafless trees! They are so pretty! Chestnuts are prominent in our diet in November. They are already available at the end of October, but November is really their month. You can buy them roasted (caldarroste) from the street vendors in the cities or roast them yourselves on slow-burning embers in the fireplace or on a wood-burning stove on special perforated pans. Chestnut flour also becomes available and we use it to make castagnaccio (a type of chestnut cake) or sweet polenta. November is also the month of Porcini and mushrooms.

Where else to go?

The province of Arezzo boasts a variety of events throughout November. Starting with the first weekend (2nd-3rd November 2019) in Arezzo, that hosts the monthly Antique Fair in the beautiful Piazza Grande, every year Anghiari organizes another food festival, the “Festa di San Martino e dei Bringoli” (9th and 10th November 2019) – bringoli are a variety of hand made thick spaghetti served with mushroom or meat sauce.

In Castel San Niccolò, near Cetica, there’s a chestnut festival. Take this opportunity to explore the Casentino area, a gorgeous spot with secular forests and secluded monasteries. You can also visit the birthplace of Michelangelo, the small village of Caprese Michelangelo, surrounded by chestnut woods.

Inexpensive holidays

Is November a good time to visit Tuscany? Yes, if you’re looking for cheaper deals, fewer tourists, and amazing food experiences. There are fewer crowds to compete with as even the shoulder season travelers have returned home. Hotel rates will be over fifty percent cheaper than during the busy season, flight deals can be found, and lines for many famous attractions, museums, and galleries will be much shorter. Though keep in mind, popular cities like Florence, Siena, and Pisa will have their share of year-round tourists.

Most Instagrammable places in Tuscany

While in Tuscany, try to get the best out of it! If you are planing more than one day, you will be able to visit even more of this region. The towns of Tuscany, the sightseeing, the narrow streets, the museums, the churches, and other attractions in the region will make your trip unforgettable.

Make sure you shoot some photos while on your journey and if you are looking for places to take Instagram-worthy photos, consider the following:

  • In front of Florence’s and Siena’s Duomo
  • Pisa’s Leaning tower
  • Montalcino streets
  • The wood of Cypress trees
  • Drinking wine in front of a vineyard
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