What To Do In Campania Islands

What To Do In Campania Islands

Sep 14, 2020

Campania is one of the most visited regions in Italy and mainly, because of the islands of Campania. Also known as Naples Gulf, the three Islands are another level of the Italian charm. If Italy is on your bucket list and you haven’t decided yet what part to visit, we highly suggest Campania Islands. Take a look below to discover what to do in each one of the islands. Keep reading.



What to do in Capri

Get a Boat Tour Around the Island

Do not miss the opportunity to see Capri from the sea! You can enjoy yourself in a boat and visit the magical Blue Cave, or as the locals call it, la grotta blu. There are various tours to explore the island. Choose your favorite.

Enjoy a Cocktail in the Piazzetta

Piazzetta is the main square of the island and a perfect place to enjoy a good cocktail. If it is too early for an aperitivo cocktail, you can enjoy an espresso. The Piazzetta is one of the top destinations in the town. Don’t be surprised if you will see familiar faces in the Piazzetta. It is where the famous VIP visitors of Capri enjoy their cocktails too!

Climb up Mount Solaro with the Chairlift

Mount Solaro offers breathtaking views of the area and you can take a lift up there without the need of climbing it.

Walk to Tragara

Not far from the Piazzetta you will find the quiet street of Via Tragara. Here you can enjoy nature and an amazing sea view. The area is filled with sweet jasmine and colorful bougainvillea and ends at a scenic overlook facing the Faraglioni rock formations.

Spend A Day at the Beach

Capri’s beaches are quite small, but still, the rocky coast and the crystal clear waters will make an unforgettable day at the beach. The restaurants by the sea are excellent. You can spend your day in full relax and get a great taste here.

Gaze Out with the Sphinx of Villa San Michele

Villa San Michele was built by the Swedish physician Axel Munthe to enjoy his retirement. he chose the most scenic point in the entire island and wanted to place a giant sphinx statue fronting the sea. Today, the statue is one of the most preferred spots on the island to gaze out. But this is not it, There are also plenty of other things to do in Capri, click the link for more.



What to do in Ischia

Ischia is a place of nature and magic. The nature of this island leaves you speechless and the magical Ischia has rich thermal waters with healing hot springs.

Visit the Aragonese Castle

The Aragonese Castle is a massive symbol of the island and a must-see for those visiting Ischia. This fortified citadel was built in 1441 by the Alfonso of Aragon to defend the island against the enemies. Here is where you will also find the Church of the Assumption with the crypt, the Convent of the Poor Clares, and especially the views of the Gulf of Naples.

Visit the thermal Gardens in Ischia

The Poseidon Gardens are a famous healing spot founded by a German doctor, Gernot Walde, a humanist doctor. The gardens overlook the Bay of Citara and have been redesigned and restructured several times over the years by great architects.

Sorgeto Bay

You will have to walk a bit to get to Sorgeto Bay, but once you are there, it will quickly reward your effort. The hot springs fill natural pools with boiling water, warm water or you can bath in the cold waters of the sea. You can enjoy the relax just like in the most luxurious spas but you won’t have to pay for it.

The burg of Sant’Angelo

Sant’Angelo is the chich area of Ischia. This is where most likely you will recognize some faces, it is where the famous and the rich park their yachts and enjoy the island. It is a classic Mediterranean area: white or cream-colored homes, souvenir shops, narrow streets, ice cream shops, restaurants, and bars.

The church of Soccorso

The church of Soccorso is located in Forio d’Ischia and it is one of the most picturesque buildings in the island. this is also the reason why you have seen it in all those Ischia photos. With its extraordinary charm, has become in a favorite spot to take photos and appreciate religious art.



What to do in Procida

Procida is the smallest inhabited island in the Bay of Naples, on the south-eastern coast of Italy. It’s one of the three famous islands of Campania. While there:

Gaze over Marina Di Corricella

If you have time for nothing, you should still make it to Marina di Corricella. The highest point overviewing the area is a must-visit, with the cream-colored houses, the Mediterranean nature, the port, and the sea, there is nothing else you can desire for a peaceful place like this.

Terre Murata

Terra Murata, a fortified medieval village at the highest point on Procida. At the highest point of Terra Murata, you’ll find a square with traditional houses and the 16th-century Abbey of San Michele Arcangelo. The whole area was perfectly peaceful and atmospheric, with beautiful views over the island, the Tyrrhenian Sea, Naples, Ischia and Capri.

Spend a day at the beaches of the island

Procida features plenty of beaches and you can’t go wrong with any of them. just to mention, you can choose form Spiaggia Chiaia, Spiaggia Chiaiolella, Spiaggia Ciraccio, Spiaggia Cala del Pozzo Vecchio, Spiaggia di Punta Ottimo, Spiaggia Silurenza or Spiaggia Lingua.

The most Instagrammable places in Campania Islands

Campania Islands photo

While being in Campania, try to get the best memories with you. During summertime, you shouldn’t miss visiting the best beaches in the region. If you will be visiting Campania out of high-season months, the churches, the castles and other attractions in the city also will make your trip unforgettable. Make sure you shoot some photos while in your journey in if you are looking for places to take Instagram worthy photos, consider the following.

  • The Piazzetta of Capri
  • Tragara, Capri
  • the Sphinx of Villa San Michele, Capri
  • Marina Di Corricella, Procida
  • The church of Soccorso, Ischia
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