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What is the Buskers Festival?

What is the Buskers Festival?

Sep 1, 2020

Not familiar with the definition of "busker"? These are the street performers, particularly musicians, who enliven historic city centers and are celebrated in this annual event. The Buskers Festival has been held for more than 30 years in Ferrara, a city symbolic of Italian Renaissance art, and is a celebration of the joy of living and mixing different arts, notes and cultures.

Where Buskers Festival take place

The Buskers Festival usually animates the entire historic center of Ferrara and in some editions has also involved other Italian cities such as Milan, Comacchio and Venice.

Edition No. 33, the 2020 edition, will undergo changes due to the current health emergency. In fact, in full safety and avoiding gatherings, the concerts will be held in 5 historic locations with limited admission.

However, 15 artists at each location will make this edition memorable and allow the Buskers Festival's desire for cultural mix and joie de vivre not to be lost.

Prices for the Buskers Festival

The cost of an admission is 10€ and allows you to attend three different concerts each night at the five locations chosen for this particular edition of the Festival.

Due to limited seating, you must reserve your ticket in advance for the 2020 Buskers Festival. Along with this, you will also be given a backpack with all the event's information brochures and exclusive gadgets.

On the other hand, the preview to be held in Comacchio, while requiring reservations, is free of charge.

When Buskers Festival take place

Usually the Festival occupies the last 9-10 days of August and brings with it numerous events and concerts by Italian and international artists.

This year, due to the health emergency, the edition has been reduced to just five days, from August 26 to 30, plus the preview in Comacchio on the 25th. Be sure to book early so you don't miss the evening concerts.

What to do in Ferrara

If you are in the Emilian city to attend the Buskers Festival, don't miss the other sights Ferrara has to offer. How? Rely on myTour in Italy, which has been organizing day or half-day excursions to the most beautiful locations on the peninsula for more than 20 years. Here are a couple of them to experience in the city.

Ferrara and Taste

How to pass up a taste of Emilia's wonderful food and wine specialties?

Start with "coppia," the typical Ferrara bread whose origin dates back to 1536, in the heyday of the Estese Duchy. Then you taste gingerbread, a dessert made with chocolate, dried fruit and spices. To conclude, in the final aperitif you will be treated to Emilian cured meats, "cappellacci di zucca," and Bosco Eliceo wines.

Coffee and traditions in Ferrara

A tour of the city of Emilia cannot exclude one of the most beloved products of Italians: coffee. In the historic center of Ferrara it is a real ritual, which is consumed together with typical sweets and Alberto's chatter. A coffee producer in the historic Caffè Penazzi (voted among the best in Italy), he will be the one to guide you through the process of making the fragrant hot drink.

After the roastery and the museum of coffee makers, you can enjoy an amazing Espresso and then set out to explore the historic center of Ferrara.

What to do around Ferrara

If the city offers all the beauty of Renaissance Italy, the "joie de vivre" of its music festivals, and the wonder of its museums and monuments, there are other treasures to discover in its surroundings.

The countryside surrounding Ferrara is a place of wine and food traditions and bucolic landscapes surrounded by greenery, to be explored on one of the myTour excursions.

Thanks to its strategic location, you can also easily reach other must-see cities: Parma, the gastronomic capital of Prosciutto and Parmigiano, and romantic Verona, the city of Romeo and Juliet.

Flavors of Ferrara

Agriturismo Principessa Pio is immersed in the country atmosphere of the Ferrara countryside. Here you'll meet a "sfoglina," one of the legendary figures who hand down Emilian puff pastry making from generation to generation. And after learning how to work the dough, of course you will taste the result of your labors!

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