Visit Parma in 3 days

Visit Parma in 3 days

Oct 25, 2020

Visit Parma and its surroundings

You have heard of Parma and its local products and you may think of it as a place where all you can do is eat. To get the most out of it, you have to enjoy both the food and other attractions in the city. You might be surprised by the number of surprises that Parma preserves and what you can discover while there. If you want to travel to Parma, we don’t want you to go there unprepared, we have collected some tips. First of all, you must know the difference between what the locals call it “parmigiano” and “parmense”: the first is the inhabitant of the city while the second comes from the province. Here are some tips on how to explore Parma – this extraordinary city.

What to see in the historic center

Parma is located exactly in the heart of the Emilia Region and has been an important place during the centuries that have rapidly followed one another, finding itself with a series of historic buildings that still dominate the center today. It is not a surprise that it was elected Capital of Culture 2020. We advise you to first start your itinerary can only start from the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta which is the main meeting place for Christians in the city. Dating back to the 11th century, the building is in full Romanesque style and offers several Gothic frescoes inside by the masters of the time, including Correggio.

Also in Piazza Duomo, you will also find the Baptistery, also in Romanesque style that dates around the 12th century. In addition to the extraordinary octagonal plant, you can admire the pink marbles that cover the walls. Many works from these two places are housed in the Diocesan Museum. Don’t forget to also visit the Palazzo Della Pilotta and the Palazzo di Riserva, both of ducal origin.

Tours to discover the soul of Parma

Food and wine tour

Parmigiano Reggiano

With myTour you can enjoy the Parmigiano Reggiano Tour, a unique opportunity to visit the cheese factories with a professional guide who will explain to you the history of the brand and all the methods of preparation, and then you will be able to taste the famous cheese. Similar and equally interesting, the Parma Ham Tour follows the same process: a visit to the ham factory, a personal guide, and a final tasting with ham and wine. The price also includes the Pick-up and drop off, the guide, and the driver.

Both tours are recommended for those who want to explore Parma in-depth, savoring two of the city’s products known all over the world and capturing the very essence of Parma and its love for top quality food. The duration of both tours is five hours, so it will be enough to add half a day to your visit.

Tour of auto motors

The Ferrari Museum

If you are an engine enthusiast, myTour offers the Ferrari and Lamborghini Tour. The Motor Valley of Emilia Romagna is particularly known because some of the most famous automotive industries in the world are based here. The Ferrari Museum is located in Maranello, where you can travel in history and thanks to your personal guide, you will learn more about the brand. The visit will also be accompanied by images and it is also possible to drive a Ferrari if you wish.

The Lamborghini company is instead located in Sant’Agata Bolognese, with a museum of the same name that houses the models and the glorious history of one of the most luxurious cars in the world. Finally, the Ducati in Borgo Panigale, also in the Bologna area. Here is another museum dedicated to the historic motorcycles used for the race. You can do all three tours in one go, eight hours will be enough, or decide to opt for the one that most intrigues you. The price includes the Pick-up and the return to Parma, the guide, the ticket for the Ferrari and Lamborghini museum but not for the Ducati museum. The Test Drive is optional instead.

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