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Visit Bevagna by Bike

Visit Bevagna by Bike

Nov 18, 2020

A thirty-minute drive from Perugia, Bevagna is one of the beauties of Umbria. the combination of the architecture and landscape of this town will surprise you. The center is rated among the most beautiful towns in Italy. The architecture and the works of art make Bevagna a favourite stop for many tourists. Our sugestion is a bike ride to discover the beauties of Umbria in the company of myTour

Bevagna, where art and history meet tradition

The town is of ancient Etruscan origins and it also appears in its name. It was first called Mefana, and then, for the Romans the town was known as Mevania. Around 300 BC, Livy writes about the battle of  Mevania. First ally of Rome and subsequently becoming part of the Papal States, the certainty of independence as a municipality of Bevagna dates back to 1187.

The traces of the Middle Ages have been preserved are visible and well preserved in the architecture of the pointed arches, in the windows and cornices, in the terracotta friezes that recall the ferment of workshop craftsmanship of the time. More than anything else, the craftsmanship of the past has been preserved here, which lives on in the art of  brickwork, in the processing of parchment paper and hemp, the tradition of loom canvases.

Visiting Bevagna is like immersing yourself in the beauty and history of a medieval town that still shows its ancient original city. This gives it a particular charm, on a human scale. 

Bevagna city center

What to see in Bevagna: Places you shouldn’t miss! 

Intact in its ancient organization, Bevagna is rich in artistic buildings. To undestand how deeply rooted the concept is, you can start exploring thetown from the central Piazza Silvestri. Irregular in the plan, it reveals its medieval setting. A stand-out square among the common style squares of Italy, here it is easy to grasp the succession of symbols that have marked its times.

The Palazzo dei Consoli speaks of municipal hegemony. It can be admired from the travertine and sandstone façade, from the double order of Gothic mullioned windows and from the loggia. A system consisting of three churches aims to emphasize ecclesiastical power. The Church of San Michele shows the travertine facade in all its beauty.

With an unfinished soul, San Silvestro stands out for its façade partly made up of blocks in travertine and partly in stone from Subasio. The simplicity of the interior, divided into three naves, conquers the visitor. San Domenico adds beauty to the other details of this eccentric square. 

Bike Adventure

In Bevagna with  myTour:  Explore the town with a visit by bike 

The bicycle is the way to fully grasp the charm of these places. With the beautiful days and the mild climate of the places, this tour takes you to discover the history and typical features of the area.

The landscape is distinguished by the green that meets the architecture and the typical features of the village. Starting from Torre del Colle and crossing the ancient city walls can give the impression of the history of these places. Roman friezes and columns, Corinthian capitals that once dominated the ancient Via Flaminia: in Bevagna these structural elements are combined with the enrichments of other eras.

Looking upwards, a system of towers and bastions confirms the medieval soul of the city. A lot of cycling, as we know, stimulates the appetite. Appreciating the aromas of the village is almost a natural consequence of its beauty. Umbria is known for wine production and for its truffle-based dishes, for its precious olive oil. Bevagna will also win you over at the table. 

Taste Wine

Bevagna and its surroundings, what you shouldn’t miss!

Visiting the village of Bevagna also means appreciating the beauty of the area. The pearl of the Umbrian Valley, nestled between the gentle hills and the Apennine ridge, Foligno is the city of Quintana. The center offers the elegance of the architecture and all the beauty of its paintings to its visitors. Small curiosity: here in 1472 the Divine Comedy was printed for the first time. A city in turmoil, this is the third town by number of inhabitants after Perugia and Terni. The historic center offers the beauty of the Piazza della Repubblica, the Trinci palace and its churches.

Orange flag of the Italian Touring Club, Spello rises on the eastern slopes of Mount Subasio, in the Umbrian-Marche Apennines. Here the story starts with the Umbrians and continues with Cesare. Among the many beauties to visit, the Consular Gate and the Augustan Walls.

Umbria region is waiting for you, discover it with myTour.

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