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TTG 2020 | The event not to be missed!

TTG 2020 | The event not to be missed!

Oct 8, 2020

Tourism means TTG Travel Experience in Rimini! Have you ever heard of it? We at myTour have! We want to let you in on our decades of experience and participation in this unique event!

TTG in Rimini is Italy's most important trade show event for the tourism industry. This year will be the 57th edition. Together with SIA and SUN, it has registered until 2019 the presence of 76,035 professionals and 2,900 exhibitors. In short, the numbers speak for themselves, it is an event not to be missed!

For us at myTour, it is now a regular event. This year more than ever, we have decided to participate and present our new products and projects to those who do not yet know us and to those, on the other hand, who have already been working with us for years! Participating in the Rimini TTG does not only mean promoting Italian tourism nationally and internationally, but it also means talking in person with overseas collaborators and operators that would otherwise be impossible to meet!

myTour - Attending TTG in 2020 to jumpstart tourism after Covid-19

The year 2020 will be remembered as the year of lockdown. The world came to a standstill for a few months due to a pandemic caused by the spread of the Coronavirus. Travel was unthinkable as well as impossible. The world population, and Italy in particular, was greatly affected by the lockdown period between February and May 2020.

When everything was at a standstill, when it was not possible to visit the most beautiful cities in Italy or those in the rest of the world, the myTour staff continued to create and improve, never stopping. We took advantage of a period of stagnation to elaborate and refine existing products and to create new ones. We opened ourselves up to virtual tourism that we never thought could exist. We succeeded in making thousands of people travel through the knowledge and stories of hundreds of tour guides and tour operators scattered all over Italy! We relied on the Internet and in particular social networks to enter the homes of Italians and allow them to discover the Bel Paese without leaving their homes. We devised Facebook live streams that allowed us to meet so many experts in the field with whom we promised to collaborate as soon as the health emergency comes to an end!

During the lockdown period, participation in the Rimini TTG was in the balance. In May, with the reopening of tourism activities, the possibility of attending the fair became more and more concrete. We are therefore, proud to inform you that you can visit us again this year on October 14,15 and 16 at TTG Rimini, Hall A5 - Stand 004.

For all myTour staff, participation in this year's TTG really matters. Tourism needs to restart and everyone moving the tourism machine must strive to work together to make this happen quickly as soon as the health emergency is over.

We at myTour believe events like this are essential. Three days full of appointments to introduce ourselves and make ourselves known to foreign markets and beyond! This year, even more than other years, we feel it is important to participate both physically and virtually in the fair. You read that right, given the situation we are in, there will be the opportunity to meet virtually with the participants of the fair, so there will be opportunities to have appointments even in the days following the event. This new format gives us hope and excitement because it opens the door for a future virtual fair in which people who logistically could not access the reserved area at the Rimini Fair can also participate.

The myTour staff will be happy to welcome you in compliance with anti-covid regulations and to show you the new projects and ideas that have been brought forward in recent months.

The Rimini TTG has always been a source of inspiration and updating of tourist destinations and customer needs for myTour. Therefore, we are convinced that this year, more than other years, we will be able to take a big advantage to accomplish in 2021 everything we failed to do in 2020.

What are you waiting for? See you at TTG!

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