Pompeii displays treasures at reopened Antiquarium museum

Pompeii displays treasures at reopened Antiquarium museum

Mar 1, 2021

Antiquarium Pompeii Museum gives a warm welcome to the visitors and reopens the doors to display its treasures. This magnificent museum was built by Giuseppe Fiorelli between 1873 and 1874, located below the terrace of the Temple of Venus, overlooking Porta Marina. It was expanded by Amedeo Maiuri In 1926, enhancing the collection with new finds from the Villa Pisanella of Boscoreale as well as more recent excavations of Via dell’Abbondanza, laid in the peaceful halls which guided the visitor through the history of Pompeii from its origins until the eruption.

Tourists all over the world are excited to visit the treasures of this museum, we have plenty of tours ready for this new journey that you will be taking. Our tours in Pompeii will make you dive into the curiosities and explore all their magical chambers. Do not forget that to enter it is required to make online reservations, choose our tours and you won’t need to do so, we will take charge of you. Feel free to travel with our tours, to remain safe and to get the best offers with ideal deals, skip-the-line tickets, and have the best of experiences. 

Reopening of the Antiquarium museum

We can say that the opening of this Museum is still far from back to normal, and there will be a reduced number of visitors, who are urged to pre-book. Our tours are very flexible in this case, feel free to explore our tours and the special opportunities that we offer. 

The reopening of this Museum on 25th January 2021 is a small step to amuse the people in this hard time of pandemics, of course being safe and getting along with the covid-19 restrictions. Hopefully, there will be further steps with the vaccine and the relief from this pandemic, to get back to normal life as we used to, and not struggle to pre-book for visiting these amazing places.

The past year has been very difficult for museums across Europe, they were forced to shut during national lockdowns and then required strict measures, by social distancing rules to allow entry to far fewer people. Making this museum a “luxury” to be visited somehow, since not everyone would have the chance to book in time. The last time they were forced to close their doors to the public for an extended period of time due to the damage of World War II and the damaging earthquakes and remained close various periods until 2016.

The new treasures display

pompeii displays treasures

“Sign of great hope at a very difficult moment”- this is the welcoming slogan of the reopening. The Antiquarium was inaugurated with a new layout and is dedicated to the permanent exhibition of finds that show and narrate the story of Pompeii.

The most recent excavations undertaken by the Archaeological Park will be also displayed, including fragments of First Style stucco from the fauces of the House of Orion, not to forget the amulet treasure from the House with the Garden and the recently produced casts of the victims from the Civita Giuliana villa

The new treasure that will be displayed will be a sorcerer’s toolbox including dozens of amulets, rings, statuettes, and charms made of ivory, bronze, glazed ceramics, and amber. Also, the plaster casts of the dead were made by filling voids left by their bodies in the calcified layers of ash, including small children. Another great thing is the surviving polychrome decorations and traces of food and wine of the ancient Romans, that offered an unprecedented glimpse of the snacking habits back at the time, including duck bone fragments as well as the remains of pigs, goats, fish, and snails in earthenware pots.

The safety rules while in the museum

Covid-19 has made a big impact, and of course, the number of visitors will be reduced, but by choosing our tour you will be a priority. Masks and social distancing are still mandatory for the entrance to this museum, this way you will be facing strict rules to maintain safety. It is also very important to not touch the museum’s surface and use the sanitizers as much as possible in order to not contaminate the virus. 

The galleries will be almost empty, in order to reduce the gatherings and huge crowds of visitors. We have arrived at a point where visiting these museums looks like a great opportunity at this stage. The visitors will be accompanied by two forms of digital media: a web-bot – a digital assistant able to provide simple and clear service information, and an audio narration that accompanies the visitor from the exhibition route to the discovery of several points of interest

Group visits will be with a limited number of people, who will need to maintain social distancing, following the tour guide and the restriction rules of the museum. Therefore, the place will be sanitized frequently in order to maintain the safety of the next groups of visitors due to the volume of tourists. It is also important to follow the guide instructions in any case.

The culture and society need to keep working as earlier, I am sure that the visitors can’t wait to enjoy the beauty of these museums. Luckily, you can simply buy our tickets, and enjoy skip-the-line entry, without waiting in the queue.

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