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On March 14, 2020, the Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport has shared with the employer associations the Regulatory Protocol for the Contrast and Containment of the COVID 19 Diffusion inside workplaces, involving all productive sectors. Regarding the transport and logistics sectors, the ministry has defined further measures. Attention has been drawn to the following common requirements:


Each company has to nominate those responsible for information regarding the correct use and management of personal protective equipment, (masks, gloves, coveralls, etc.);

Companies are required to sanitize frequently and appropriately means of transport and means of production;

If possible, companies are required to install hydroalcoholic solution dispensers for passengers;

All travel staff for whom it is not possible to maintain the social distance protocol (at least 1 meter from the user) must use standard PPE (personal protective equipment), as required by the Protocol;
Companies must display the necessary communications inside each vehicle, also by affixing specific signs that indicate the correct user behavior needed for safe service delivery;

Companies must stop passengers from occupying the available seat next to the driver. No more than two passengers may be carried on the rear seats per row of three-seater seats, only one passenger in the two-seat rows. The driver must wear protective equipment.

If the passengers carried are part of the same family and wear PPE (gloves and mask), they can be transported all together when using a vehicle equipped with special separators.

Standard measures regarding transports

Our drivers are equipped with the necessary protective devices to carry out the service (mask, gloves and disinfectant gel).

We provide all customers with single use disinfectant gel, located inside the vehicles. If necessary, we also provide free of charge protective masks.
Inside each vehicle passengers will find a sign indicating the behavioral obligations to follow, in order to guarantee the correct service delivery.
We have purchased a special machinery to sanitize deeply each vehicle.
On vehicles passengers will find a protective divider located between drivers and customers. The panel is made of polycarbonate and synthetic leather, in order to allow perfect rear visibility and excellent support of the screen.
Customers who want to receive a video proving the date and time of the last sanitization performed on their vehicle, can ask for it when booking the service.

Standard measures regarding tours execution

To start again to welcome people on board, we have bought all the necessary equipment. And we would like our clients to be aware of “My Tour in Italy: your safety first”, a program that includes:

Meeting points respecting minimum safety distances, equipped with sanitizing gel.
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Group vehicles (coaches, minivans, cars, etc) undergo certified disinfection before each trip. Tour operators and hotel managers can ask for a live video prove each time a customer requires it.
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Before accessing the vehicles, participants are invited to disinfect their hands with alcohol-based gel. Each customer is given a protective ffp1 mask.
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According to law, the distance between people is guaranteed inside each means of transport.
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