How to spend a day in Capri

How to spend a day in Capri

Jul 20, 2022

You'll feel like you've entered another world when looking out into these gorgeous views from your boat or ferry ride across the beautiful sea-level harbor town - all while being surrounded by such beauty! As if making an effort not take anything too seriously were possible (and frankly who can?), there are tons opportunities for adventure: snorkeling through underwater tunnels made up nothing but light. 

There’s a reason why the ferry ride to Capri is always so enjoyable—you get your first glimpse of this island as soon as it slides into view. The cliffs are majestic and perfect, but they can't hold back what really captures our attention: Marina Grande's colorful buildings with hundreds upon boats bobbing up against them like happy little fish in their natural habitat!

The welcome may be breathtakingly beautiful, thanks largely due its aesthetically pleasing scenery that awaits those who make an arrive at one bay after another; however there more than just good looks here. 

Trip to Capri

I recommend beginning your day with a trip to Capri Town. You can do this by taxi, or taking the vertical tram called funicular up through cliffs and into town for about 2 euros! When you arrive at main square there will be views that take aback even if they're not something new - bright blue water never ending surrounded by greenery down below; it's one of my favorite things in all world (and what makes me come back again!). If hunger strikes though I suggest stopping off on way pastries shop named "Piazza Umberto" where their caffeine-filled coffees are worth every penny spent. Optionally, you can taste the well-known Italian granita - frozen lemon slushie topped with fresh-squeezed orange juice. Either way, take your time to enjoy the view and your tasty granita. 

Take some time to visit the local streets around Capri town. These are where you will find luxury designer shops, endless restaurants and boutiques that line this picturesque little road with its gorgeous views of watery blue waters below as well as intimate faraglioni rocks jutting up from beneath it all atop a hillside near-by! For only 1 € per person (or children), visitors can enter Giardini di Augusto - what seems like just another garden at first glance but turns out be much more than that when one looks closer; exploring centuries old plant life in its natural state. 

Stop in Anacapri

Next up is a walk around Anacapri, which has more residential properties than Capri town and makes for some great lunch options. You can't go wrong with any of them! Once you're energized again it's time to head on over ot Mount Solaro - after all those steps from the other side (and climb), this mountain will be your reward at its tallest point in Italy’s island nation called Isola del Surprenante or 'The Land Of Marvelous Things'. The view from the top of this mountain is worth 10 euros alone! You get a personal chair ride over all those houses and gardens until you reach your destination. Once there, take time to enjoy not only what's below but also surrounding islands far off in distance- see that yacht? They're even closer than before... And don't worry about getting too warm because they have an cafe up here with delicious drinks available if desired. 

Boat Trip

After your time at Mt. Solaro, it's finally over-the island boat tour! You'll be taken around by an expert skipper to see views from the water and major sites on this beautiful land. relax in sea spray while learning about what makes these islands so special - faraglioni rocks; white cave with green grottos tucked inside its depths ; blue grotto which is home not only for swimming but also snorkeling opportunities if you're up late enough that night when they host their famous fireworks show. The blue grotto is one of the most beautiful places in all Italy. It's tucked away on an island, and you'll take a tiny boat to get there! The water shines like jewels as it reflects off these incredibly white sand beaches that seem fit for royalty (or at least those looking to be). Once we made our way past some rocks near shoreline where dolphins played underwater - what incredible sights they provide!--it did not disappoint when entering into this natural wonder: breathtaking scenery everywhere I turned. 

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