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A jewel of Florence: the Boboli Gardens

A jewel of Florence: the Boboli Gardens

Aug 2, 2022

The Boboli Gardens are a heaven of greenery in the heart of Florence. The garden offers tourists and locals alike an opportunity to enjoy some time outdoors while also taking advantage on all that it has offer- from beautiful views, art exhibitions throughout its vast spaces as well...

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Where are the Doboli Gardens?

The Boboli Gardens sit in the backyard of Palazzo Pitti, a famous palace built by Filippo Brunelleschi. This location has seen many generations go from poverty to wealth and back again as it was home for members like the Medicis Family before they were eventually overthrown at some point during Lorraine’s rule over Florence after 1466 AHC (After Florentine History). 

While these families lived in Palazzo Pitti they made sure to constantly decorate the Boboli Gardens into what we know it as today. The garden was originally commissioned by Cosimo Medici I back when he reigned over Florence but artists had been adding their own touches since then! From 16th century all through 19 right up until World War II there were continuous additions started 400 years ago - making this space truly unique among most other palace gardens around Italy or Europe because each addition tells a story just like how people added more layers onto artworks centuries old while others paint new things on top every day. 

The Boboli Gardens in Florence are an open air museum of green sculptures and fountains. The area spans over 11 acres with ancient trees that provide shade for visitors on hot summer days when they come to see what life would have been like at one time during medieval times before owning many royal gardens including Versailles which was built by Louis XIV specifically so he could have something beautiful outside his palace walls.

When to visit the Boboli Gardens

The springtime is really worth checking out here-the flowers blossom into colors across the spectrum while also offering some peace from all those hustles. 

As you enter the gardens, you'll first pass through Pitti Palace's courtyards. After this is where a staircase leads up to an Egyptian obelisk from Luxor in 1789 that stands at top of them; also here are some Romanesque sculptures lining each side for added flair - many Florentines call these "Artichoke Fountains" due their shape- as well any roses during springtime when they bloom! Then come another pond and sculpture Neptune before reaching Giardino del Cavaliere (Garden OfThe Warrior) which houses Michelangelo’.

As you venture down the path, it is impossible not to be fascinated by Buontalenti Grotto. This cave divided into three sections contains one heck of an illusion - Michelangelo's fresco which now resides in Accademia Gallery! In addition there are incredible sculptures built inside this grove crafted from stone and marble such as those created by Vincenzo de' Rossi or Giambologna- all designed so carefully they seem like part if nature itself. 

What's more romantic than sitting under a tree with your loved one, listening to music and eating fruits? The Boboli Gardens have something for everyone. For those looking to take it easy in the green space or explore all that they can see; there are trails leading out from each corner of this beautiful garden!

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