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Welcome to Calabria, the tip of the boot that faces the two seas of Southern Italy: the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Ionian Sea. Due to its strategic location, Calabria has been a center of flourishing of different cultures, from Oenotrian to Byzantine culture.It is believed to have been the first area of the peninsula to be historically named ‘Italy’ by the ancient Greeks.

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selected map Calabria tours - outdoor activities in Italy - Things to do in Calabria!

Visit Calabria tours - outdoor activities in Italy - Things to do in Calabria!

Why should you visit Calabria?

Calabria is the perfect blend of mountains and seas, with its three main national parks: Pollino National Park, Sila National Park and Aspromonte National Park. If you are a nature lover, animal lover, and want to have an adventure surrounded by greenery and in close contact with local wildlife, a tour in the region of Calabria can guarantee you an authentic experience of the kind.

What should you visit in Calabria?

Being the very tip of the boot that faces the crystal-clear waters of the sea, Calabria offers the opportunity to enjoy a day on the beautiful unspoiled beaches that still preserve a breathtaking seascape. Tropea is an undisputed example.

If you prefer hiking and trekking activities instead, the Pollino area, along with the National Park, are definitely for you. Not only are they a perfect explorer's weekend on a journey through the local vegetation, but also a great way to test your adventurous spirit!

Curiosities about Calabria

You know the famous "Riace Bronzes" that you have seen pictures of and read about countless times in your art history books? Lo and behold, it was in Calabria that these two magnificent masterpieces of ancient Greek art were found, the making of which dates back to the classical age.

But Calabria is not only linked to the Greek tradition from an artistic-cultural point of view. In fact, if you are a lover of classical literature, you will well know that it was from the shores of the Strait of Messina, between Calabria and Sicily, that the ship of one of the most insatiable souls of knowledge passed, during his return voyage to his home, the island of Ithaca: Ulysses, the personification of ingenuity but also of deception, the multifaceted Greek hero.

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