Vesuvio and Pompeii ruins from Sorrento


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: 8 hours
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Full Description

Drive along the scenic route of the Sorrentine peninsula. Visit the Pompeii ruin with a guided tour of the ancient city and Mount Vesuvius.

Vesuvio and Pompei ruin from Sorrento: what you get with this tour

Are you ready for a full-day trip bringing you to the two major attractions in Campania? This tour is designed for those who want to save precious time having their own tourist guide. We’ll bring you directly inside the ruin of Pompeii and on the top of Mount Vesuvius.

And the magic will start at the exact moment our bus will begin to move. In fact, during the transfers, you will be always comfortable sit down, while enjoining some of the best views of the Sorrentine peninsula. Traveling from Sorrento is a real pleasure for our senses. Villages, nature, a bright seaside. Here colors are always vivid during all seasons. The journey from Sorrento to Pompeii is something you’ll never forget.

Pompeii ruin tour: what to see

Leaving behind the Sorrentine peninsula, in approximately 45 minutes we will reach the entrance of the Pompeii archeological area. Here our tour guide will wait for everybody to pay their entrance fees. Then the Pompeii ruin tour will be able to start.

During 2 intense hours, you’ll have the possibility to experience a time trip. During the 1st century, this city had been chosen by Roman patricians as one of their preferred destinations. In few years Pompeii became a renowned city, with famous buildings and amenities, like a modern seaside resort, fully-equipped. Pompeii’s population was around 15,000. Then, in 79 AD, the eruption of Vesuvius volcano buried it. About two-thirds of the city was covered under meters of volcanic ash and pumice. Thanks to that tragedy, nowadays Pompeii, alongside Ercolano, is the best-preserved example of a Roman city. Imagine a system of city walls with seven entrance gates. All of them bringing to the Forum, the center of the city’s daily life.

Here are the main public buildings, the municipium, the court, the granary and the spaces dedicated to markets. Our tour guides will introduce you to some of the thousands of artifacts (more than 9,000) found in Pompeii. Including amphorae to carry oil, wine, and fish pouring sauce, tools for measurements, casts of victims, marble statues, crockery, pots, and pans. Apart from trading stuff, being a sea resort Pompeii was full of amenities. From baths and theatres to temples and villas. The luxurious houses are worth the visit. The House of Menander, the House of Lovers, the House of the Vettii, Villa of Diomedes and Villa of the Mysteries are amongst the best thing to see here. The thermopolia was also decorated with frescoes. Thermae were centers not only for bathing but socializing. As you will see, Pompeii was large enough to support 150 bars and taverns which were mainly used by the poor or those who could not afford a private kitchen.

Climb up to Mount Vesuvius

After Pompeii, you will enjoy something completely different. The bus we’ll take us up to 1,000 meters of altitude (0,6 miles), where you can enjoy a panoramic view of the surrounding landscape. Here you can decide just to have a look around this lunar environment, or to hike up in the direction of the top of Mount Vesuvius. Please consider it takes about an hour and a half to hike to the top, so there is not enough time to get there and come back with this tour. Being around there is enough for many of us. The last time Vesuvio spewed was in 1944. The tour is safe and all the security systems are there to protect visitors. However, this volcano is still active and it could erupt at any time!

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Additional Information

• It is suggested to wear: closed shoes for the sand underfoot in Pompeii and hat for summer months. • This tour is not recommended for a wheelchair user or those with walking difficulties. • If the guide deems it appropriate, the order of the visits may change. • DO NOT FORGET TO BRING ID OR PASSPORT. • In case pick-up from the hotel is chosen, please note that the time may vary.

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