Lambrusco Wine Tour & Tasting

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Available from Jul 26, 2021
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: 3 hours
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  • Red and white wine tasting

Full Description

Follow us on a trip to the Lambrusco wine region in Parma. Winery visit and wine tasting included.

During this 3 hours tour, we’ll pass through hills and vineyards. Then we'll reach a Lambrusco winery to start our tasting.

Lambrusco, the best sparkling red wine

Do not miss the opportunity to get in touch with the most famous sparkling red wine. Produced in the hills around the city of Parma, Lambrusco is something more than wine. It’s a liquid whose color is full of joy and happiness. Whose smell brings fresh red fruits. Furthermore, Lambrusco is a brand acknowledged worldwide for the quality of the product. And it is the best-selling wine in Italy. That is why you can’t miss this tour if you are a wine lover.

We are going to bring you where farmers have been doing Lambrusco for millennia. We’ll see the typical vineyards, with tall rows. Here grapes are growing strong, assuming an intense color with shades of purple and blue. Then we’ll move inside a winery situated in a panoramic position. Here an oenologist will explain to us the secrets. How Lambrusco wine generates from those fragrant grapes.

Then we’ll proceed to the cellars, where the “magic” happens. Here you will feel the sweet and intriguing scent of the fermenting grapes. You will get in touch with the whole wine-making process until bottling. Then we’ll see the barrels used for aging and the specific bottles this sparkling red wine needs. This bottle's name is Borgognona or Borgognotta. It has a thicker glass and a special cork, to preserve the fragrance.

The tour will end with a wine and food tasting served on the panoramic terrace. There it will be possible to practice what we have learned. Matching the wines with a selection of parmesan food.

Why Lambrusco is a good red wine worldwide

While thinking about Italian famous wines, few names are those to remember. Chianti, Barolo, Prosecco, and Lambrusco, stand out amongst the other. Lambrusco is a sparkling red wine produced in the Emilia Romagna region. Lambrusco is versatile and appreciated worldwide. Everybody, young and old ones, can drink it with ease. It is available in two kinds, sweet or dry. Both versions have an alcoholic percentage of 11%-12%.

Lambrusco, one of the oldest Italian wines

Yes, Lambrusco is one of the oldest wines ever made in Italy. Archeologists have found its seeds evidence related to the Bronze Age. Then we can rely on the direct testimonials, the Romans writers. Virgil mentioned vitis labrusca in his fifth chapter of the Bucolicae. Cato (De agri culture), Varrone (De re rustica) and Pliny the Elder (Naturalis Historia) provides further information. Lambrusco grape variety seems to be an Italian endemic. Its name originates from the Latin terms labrum (rim, margin) and ruscum (spontaneous plant). Romans used the word labrusca to name a spontaneous growth of this vine. A variety that appeared in the perimeters of the fields. Many things have changed. Romans drank this wine refermenting it inside amphoras. While nowadays the best Lambruscos are those refermented in bottles.

Are you interested? Do you want to know more? Follow us on this tour and you’ll discover everything. How an indigenous grape variety, once domesticated, creates one of the most loved wines in the world.

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